Middle Aged Dirtbag actually…

More weird blues-adaptations of pop classics out today!

I imagine Brendan of Wheatus himself also feels slightly akward singing about being a Teenage Dirtbag, well I turned 40 this year and I’d get that.
Still, this song was one of my late-teen favorites when I just started playing guitar, and a version closer to the original has been a go-to tune on monthly jam sessions!

The final season of this year is also looking to bring some cool shows, revisiting some old venues and debuting at a new one!
Mark your calendars for:

5 November – Fluor, Amersfoort
24-25 November – De Rode Haring, Almere (Vis-a-vis theater place, Almere Vertelt)
28 November – De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam


Have you ever heard the phrase: “all pop music comes from the blues”? Beechcraft Bonanza has and put it to the test on a number of classic pop hits from the ’80’s, 90’s and 2010’s!

This EP features the bulk of a tongue-in-cheek reimaginings repertoire that shoe-horns modern pop-songs into classic blues-forms. And according to Beechcraft Bonanza, the adage is true, “all pop music comes from the blues” and CAN be a blues!

Good Rockin’ tonight for all

Hit That Play Button One More Time!

Well hello there!

Today is very special, I have released a new recording!

This was the first song that I adapted in my exploration of the “All Pop Music Comes From The Blues”-theory, and I must say it turned out pretty well!

And even better news: this is just the first in a string of new music releases coming up this year. Expect another single in March and a full EP by the end of April! 😀

Meanwhile, backstage, I’ve signed up for February Album Writing Month 2023 (FAWM2023) which will hopefully yield a bunch of new original songs to follow up on the current covers run.

If you’re curious about the other upcoming records, why not drop by at Theatercafé Muze this Sunday afternoon?
There I’ll be playing the set at 12:00, 13:30 and 15:00.

See you soon and keep a-rockin’,

Beechcraft Bonanza

2023 is not going to be a quiet year, oh no sir!


2022 Has been somewhat of a quiet year, “in the hangar for maintainance” as they say.
But, the rickety aviation machine did some test-flights over the Autumn and the fuel-tank is being filled up for (hopefully) some amazing loop-de-loops in the coming year!

Troughout the past year I’ve been apprehensive of a return of lockdowns, switched tasks at the day-job and had a bit of a dry-spell concerning creating music. I was just not really coming up with new ideas for songs or projects and the material from 2019-2021 had become somewhat stale to my ears. So, from the summer onwards, I decided to only accept gigs by request while finding a way to relight the old fire of creativity.

Then came a string of gig-requests in Autumn, which kicked stuff into gear again.
I started getting fun cover-song ideas and to reignite my own writing I started reading about songwriting.
And, listening to more music. To be fair, last year I didn’t listen to music that often but once I picked that up again I really got new ideas going. There was this day late november when I wrote 8 drafts for new lyrics!
In addition I cooked up a novel approach to write the music to go with those lyrics!
If that works out well I will certainly share that method, and might even if it doesn’t!

What to expect once 2023 gets going?
– A new and different Video Project on Youtube, something you might not have expected and it’s a thing no one else is doing ATM
– New Studio Recordings on the streaming services. Covers (played “incorrectly”) to start, later some new originals?
– More gigs! festivals! (at least I’ll try!)

Hope to see you around in 2023!

Until then, keep a-rocking and start following my Youtube channel if you haven’t done so yet. The next few weeks I’ll post some cover song videos and you’ll be set to see the new special project as soon as it goes live!

Happy Holidays!

Guido/Beechcraft Bonanza.

New year, new song!

Hi everyone,

The past years were mostly spend in the “hangar”, the backstage. And, it has given some time to write new music.
Past October you have already heard “Nerdhurt” and now there is a boppin’ new Digi45 called “Number of Love” with “Too Sweet To Cheat” on the flipside 🙂

Over the year I’ll be airdropping a couple more of these, so follow the social media’s to keep most up-to-date on that regard (links in the top right corner).
Looking to book some gigs as well and hopefully see y’all in a cool bar, hip venue or funky festival soon!

Take care and “count” your blessings 😉

Beechcraft Bonanza.

Back in the groove

Hi everyone,

It has been quite quiet around here for the past year. And to be truthful, it was the lockdowns getting me down.
So annoying that this pandemic doesn’t seem to go away. Please, all of you, get vaccinated! I want to go to (and play at) concerts again! And I hope you do too!

Anyhoo, on the brighter side, I have been recording new rocking songs and plan to get these out to all of you come Autumn.

So really, follow my socials to keep up to date. Those update far more regularly than this page. Oh, especially follow the Spotify profile so you get updates on gigs and records as soon as they are posted 🙂